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The GlobalRecalls portal brings together information on product recalls being issued around the world, on a regular basis, together in one place – on an OECD platform.

The portal includes information on mandatory and voluntary consumer product recalls which were issued by a governmental body and were made publicly available.

Global portal on product recalls

Ms. Delia Rickard, Deputy Chairperson of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

The portal is a significant step for co-ordinated product safety across international boundaries. It reflects how nations are increasingly working together through the OECD’s Working Party on Consumer Product Safety to share information and highlight issues of common interest in consumer product safety. The working party was developed to progress a range of goals related to improved information sharing and this is an important milestone.


Ms. Juliana Pereira da Silva, Former Secretary of the National Secretariat for Consumers of the Brazil’s Ministry of Justice

We sincerely welcome the GlobalRecalls portal, which hopefully will enhance a dialogue across jurisdictions and bring new perspectives to our policies and enforcement actions not only within our borders but also in the global marketplace. We look forward to working in co-operation with the OECD members, as we are confident that our joint efforts will promote better and clearer consumer and business relations in both developed and developing economies around the globe.


Ms. Leona Aglukkaq, Former Canadian Minister of Health

The Government of Canada is pleased to support the development of the GlobalRecalls portal, which will enhance awareness of product safety, particularly among those who buy and sell products internationally. This OECD project complements our government's ongoing efforts to improve awareness of consumer product safety issues in Canada.


Ms. Inez Tenenbaum, Former Chairman of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission

In our global marketplace and interconnected world, information sharing is key. Providing consumers in different jurisdictions with access to recall information from another country will empower them and advance the cause of safety. I am so pleased that CPSC is joining forces with our OECD partners in creating this new and exciting GlobalRecalls portal.


 Mr. Rintaro Tamaki, Deputy Secretary General of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

The GlobalRecalls portal is a global initiative which is very much in line with the OECD’s commitment to develop better policies for better lives. Consumers, businessmen, importers and retailers will be able to access information on product recalls worldwide, in a timely manner. The portal also has the potential to become a valuable tool for governments to help increase the speed and efficiency of enforcement actions, within and across jurisdictions.