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The GlobalRecalls portal brings together information on product recalls being issued around the world, on a regular basis, together in one place – on an OECD platform.

The portal includes information on mandatory and voluntary consumer product recalls which were issued by a governmental body and were made publicly available.

Global portal on product recalls

How can I search for product recalls in this portal?


The search for recalled products can be conducted on the home page. In the Free text search field, you can enter a type of a product, name of the product or the manufacturer, as well as the potential hazard or injury which may be associated with a product you are looking for. Several words can be entered at the same time.

In addition, you can restrict the search results by specifying the jurisdiction where a product was made (Jurisdiction where made field) or recalled (Jurisdiction where recalled field). The portal takes into account that in some cases there maybe more than one or none of this information provided. Please note that these two fields list only jurisdictions mentioned in the portal. In case you know the exact number of a product recall from a jurisdiction, you can enter it in the Provider identifier field. Should you know a URL or its parts, you can enter them in the Provider URL field.

Furthermore, data can be filtered by Date. Next to the choice of the date, users can specify whether they wish to obtain information prior to (>) or after (<) a specified date, or exactly on that date (=). It is also possible to choose options for as of (<=) and until (>=) a certain date. You can also choose a time interval by setting the option (<>) next to both dates. Dates can be chosen using a calendar.

Search results are listed by date, from the most recent recall to the oldest one. You can either choose a link Details to find out more about a recall and see a picture of the recalled product or click on Provider details to go to a jurisdiction’s web site and read the original notification.


In what languages is the data available?


For the time being, users can search for recalls in English and French thanks to the Language field.  On 19 October 2012, the portal contained 73 887 links with 10 610 words (in English and French). Additional languages will be added as will an automatic translation facility which will enable translation into more than one hundred languages. Users will then be able to access information in the language of their choice.

The portal will also link recalls for items with related names. For example, an Australian consumer might launch a search for a “pram”.   In this example, the consumer would also receive results on “stroller” (the term used in the United States) and “pushchair” (the term used in Europe).


Can I browse for pictures when searching for recalls?


For the time being, a picture appears on the home page, next to the search results. Further pictures can be accessed via Details and Provider details links. 


How can I find out whether the same product was recalled in different jurisdictions?


If the same models of a product are in different jurisdictions they will be individually listed, in chronological order. If there were related recalls, they would also appear. In the coming months, efforts will be made to enhance the searching capability and to easier link the same product recalls.


Can I contact authorities using the portal?


Yes, authorities can be contacted in the Project Partners section. There you will be able to report a health and safety concern or raise other product-safety related issues by clicking on REPORT A SAFETY CONCERN below a jurisdiction’s description.


Why do my search results include notices for products that I did not ask for?   


Sometimes reporting countries have not yet mapped their products to the detailed OECD master list. In these cases, search results may result in related “families” of products being reported. Once the mapping is completed at the detailed level, such problems will fade. 


What should I do if I cannot find the information that I am looking for?


The GlobalRecalls portal is an ambitious project, which is constantly expanded, refined and improved. If you experience a problem, please feel free to contact the OECD secretariat at